Commitment and Passion®
At Grupo Tejedor Lázaro we are committed to responsible and sustainable growth, without forgetting about our surroundings.

We are therefore involved in the social, cultural and business development of the places we operate, working each day to care for people, the community and the environment around us.

Our activity is based on codes of ethics that we keep in mind each day.

01 Essence

Everyone who works for and makes up Grupo Tejedor Lázaro form our most important pillar. We therefore work each day for their wellness, their happiness and the development of their talent.

Today, the commitment to our internal community is mainly focused on:

The Happiness of our Team

The happiness of the individuals who make up our big family is key for achieving an optimal level in our projects. Therefore, we carry out specific actions in order to guarantee the health and wellness of employees, improve the working environment, and attract and retain talent. Notable among these actions are meetings, family days, training and initiatives for encouraging dialogue. We must also mention the creation of a Work-Life Balance Guide which seeks to establish and implement policies to incentivise the balance of our team’s professional and personal lives.

Our commitment to the work-life balance and happiness of our Team has been recognised by the EFR certification, an accreditation promoted by the Fundación Másfamilia foundation and supported by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare. This certification demonstrates our effort in the generation of a new work culture, implementing a management model which allows balance between work and personal life, based on mutual flexibility, respect and commitment.

Equality and Diversity

We want to move towards a fairer, more diverse society which does not take notice of race, beliefs or sex. Therefore, at Grupo Tejedor Lázaro we have people with different philosophies, cultures and concerns. We also work on specific actions for respecting diversity, promoting the equality of opportunities and promoting respect, dialogue and non-discrimination due to gender, age, disability or any other circumstance. Our work and effort has been recognised with the ÓPTIMA distinction of Castile and León, a recognition which certifies equality between men and women at a corporate level.

Internal Talent Development

Our employees’ future is our future. We therefore allocate part of our resources to education. By doing so, we create specific actions and programmes for helping our employees and their families in their development, promoting their talent and helping them to achieve their personal and professional objectives. In addition, we welcome new employees with mentoring plans, focusing on their full integration and adaptation.

We can highlight initiatives such as the Plan Alborada Personas and the Dibaq Aprende school, created in order to fulfill these dreams.

Our Future

Integrating new generations in the family business is a highly important task for its good governance and sustainability, which must begin by presenting the business from childhood. To do so, Grupo Tejedor Lázaro also has the Training Plan for relatives of members, which encompasses both technical and emotional skills. The objective is for successors to have very early knowledge of the origins, history, operations and team which make up the company and to feel the previous generations’ workplace as their own, through participation and effort in different departments. Our aim during this structured collaboration over an extended period is to build a feeling of pride, belonging and passion for the family business, and above all for the team of professionals who allow business growth with their talent and daily work.

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02 Sustainability

We work in continuous contact with nature, and respect it. Our love for animals and their natural environment is present in every step we take, with commitment to conservation, wellness and richness. Our objective? A healthy environment.

We are therefore currently undertaking initiatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and actively work on several lines of action. Thanks to our work and the actions we take each day, we have obtained the Sustainability Certificate granted by CHEP for our contribution to protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable logistics model.

The lines of action we are currently working on are:

Sustainable Use of Raw Materials and Recyclable Packaging

We need top quality raw materials to manufacture our foods, but we are aware of the crisis situation of the planet we live on. We consider it an obligation to respect and protect our surroundings, and therefore we work with suppliers and collaborators which are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, which obtain the raw materials we use in an optimal, environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

Additionally, respect for our surroundings has led us to commit to recycling. We distribute our products in recyclable packaging with at least 15% recycled plastic, we use recyclable boxes and stickers, we work with films with sustainable inks for printing, we reuse plastic pallets and reusable CHEP pallets, and create sustainable merchandising and marketing materials.

Our aim? To develop products and services which respect biodiversity in all phases of their life cycle, beginning with design and ending with their use and recycling.

Environmental Footprint

When caring for the planet, it is also essential to be responsible for the impact that each of us has on our surroundings. We have therefore defined an Environmental Regulation for the progressive integration of environmental variables in product development and promoting eco-efficiency, as well as the management of direct impacts.

Thanks to this, at Grupo Tejedor Lázaro we have spent years optimising our production processes to achieve the following objectives:

  • Maximum savings of electricity and energy consumption:

We seek to reduce our consumption to respect our planet more, investing in adequate facilities and seeking more sustainable alternatives. Among our initiatives are the progressive replacement of traditional lighting with LED technology at our centres, the installation of heating systems and machinery which helps to recycle heat, and the installation of self-consumption photovoltaic plates in many of our installations, among other measures.

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions:

We also control our atmospheric emissions. To achieve this, we have chosen essential measures such as the use of Liquefied Natural Gas as a fuel source in all processes, investment in production lines which need less fuel, and the use of more sustainable vehicles.

Additionally, the study and design of our production centres is based on a holistic vision which includes the location of facilities, evaluating the distance from suppliers and the market to maximise the reduction of the CO2 footprint derived from transport.

  • Better use of water

Water is a scare asset which must be cared for. Therefore, our centres, facilities and production processes are based on:

Reducing water consumption thanks to a system of filtering, recovery and reuse at our factories, centres and facilities.

Increasing the control of water we use, discharging water at authorised points for reuse prior to purification, and undertaking continuous controls to ensure that we comply with the parameters which are within permitted legal values.

Manufacturing products with technology which causes less degradation of the food in the water, leading to greater availability for fish and a lower risk of contamination in the water by dissolved food scraps.

  • Proper management of waste:

We are also working to achieve zero waste, therefore recycling and reusing all materials which we can. We seek to minimise waste and reuse raw materials without reducing the quality of products, as well as using recyclable packaging, boxes, stickers and packing.

Thanks to our initiatives, we have obtained the TOWARD ZERO WASTE Certification granted by AENOR, following a system of validation carried out at our facilities.

  • Finally, commitment to environmental recovery:

Since we began, we have invested in the preservation of the pine forests in our surroundings, and plant trees in our community as a way of recovering the nature around us.

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03 Humanity

At Grupo Tejedor Lázaro we also work for the society around us. We are especially interested in seeking the social and cultural development of our surroundings, fighting each day for the best living conditions of people, groups, communities and minorities. Among our current concerns are:

Social Integration

Our sensitivity and concern for what is around is leads us to be present in social actions and programmes focused on education, entrepreneurship and knowledge. Our objective? To always seek to improve the situation of people at risk of exclusion. To do so, we collaborate with institutions which share our values, such as Hermanitas de los Pobres, Cocina Económica, the Buscando Sonrisas association and Asociación Neratov.

The Fight Against Cancer and Sclerosis

We also collaborate with several institutions to help and improve the lives of people with health problems.

For years Grupo Tejedor Lázaro has been a member of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). According to some studies, one in two men and one in three women will have cancer during their life, and our mission is to help fight against this issue and seek a solution.

Additionally, we also contribute to combatting multiple sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease which affects 47,000 people in Spain, according to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN). To reduce its impact and improve the lives of those affected by it, for some time we have collaborated with the Viernes de 9 a 15 association, with which we organise a charity run in Fuentepelayo (Segovia) each year.

Commitment to Training and Talent

Education is one of the factors which has the greatest impact on the advancement and progress of individuals and societies. Therefore, at Grupo Tejedor Lázaro we are committed to participating in workshops, courses and training programmes for collaborators, distributors and various social groups. Not only do we seek to provide knowledge on our sector, we also promote sustainable values and encourage links between participants.

For this educational activity, we regularly collaborate with different institutions. We carry out courses and workshops with some of the business associations we form a part of, such as AEDIPE (Spanish Association for Management and Development of Individuals), APD (Association for the Progress of Management), CEOE-CEPYME and Chamber of Commerce.

We also collaborate with prestigious educational institutions such as IE Business School, San Telmo Business School, IME Business School, Cesine, Ecoi and Vaughan.

Of everything we do related with education, we are especially interested in the future of young people, therefore contributing to their development through participation in initiatives such as START INNOVA and by signing collaboration agreements with different universities. By doing so, we seek to improve the opportunities, training and future prospects of our young people, helping them step by step.

Cultural Development

We consider culture to be essential for education and social development. We are therefore committed to improving the cultural network of the area where we work, cooperating first hand with institutions such as the Esteban Vicente Museum of Contemporary Art (Segovia) and the Centro Botín (Santander).

The Situation of Orphan Children from Mozambique

Although Mozambique is rich in energy, mineral, forest and maritime resources, today it is still considered one of the poorest countries in Africa. Grupo Tejedor Lázaro wishes to contribute to changing this. Our idea? #RetoGaiato, a website for presenting sports challenges for a charity purpose: helping the Fundación Mozambique Sur foundation to combat poverty, hunger and the malnutrition of orphan children (gaiatos).

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04 Care for the Oceans and Our Fish

The oceans take up approximately 70% of the surface of the Earth, and over 700,000 species live in them. Grupo Tejedor Lázaro seeks to protect these environments, caring for their resources through the Dibaq Oceans initiative, preventing the overexploitation of natural species and raising awareness of the dangers of pollution.

Additionally, we work with different species of fish and fight for their wellness each day. We are aware of the effects that stress may have on their growth, and therefore work to reduce that stress and achieve their happiness and comfort.

To fulfil our objective, we have a wide range of foods for fish, adapted to their life cycle and their nutritional needs, made with the best raw materials and the most natural and healthiest recipes. Additionally, we are committed to continuous innovation and research, with the intention of adapting techniques, processes, products and diets to needs which arise, offering fish appropriate solutions for their health and wellbeing.

Additionally, we also collaborate with projects which seek to improve the lives of fish. We seek to promote sustainable aquaculture in our community, through innovative and efficient technology, to obtain food of great gastronomic value and high nutritional and sanitary quality, which do not contaminate the water or their surroundings.

We are what we eat. So are they.

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05 A New Home

Since we began, we have been involved in helping animals, especially dogs and cats, who have been abandoned or mistreated. We want them to be well, cared for and happy, and therefore work to find them a new family in which to grow and recover. With this in mind, we currently collaborate with several institutions which help us to take care of and find a new home for the most defenceless animals.

Additionally, we are also interested in the physical wellbeing of dogs and cats, and have therefore collaborated for some time with various institutions, supporting their initiatives and sports events.

Notable among our collaborators are:

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06 Our Fitmin Kennel

Our interest in the wellbeing of animals led us to open the doors of the Fitmin Kennel in 2002, an initiative through which we rear dogs of the Border Collie breed. Since it began, we have successfully reared over 200 puppies which we consider part of the Fitmin family and which currently live happily in homes around the world.

With Fitmin Kennel, our main objective is to help these dogs to grow up healthy and happy. We take care so that our puppies interact with each other properly, thereby preparing them to make a good start in their lives with their new owners. We also take care of older dogs.

Our special care and personalised attention have helped many of them to participate in shows, competitions and tests, being very happy with the results obtained. For example, some of the females who have grown up with us have ended up winning first place in competitions all over Europe, and have been awarded titles such as Junior Champion, Champion or International Exhibition Champion in different countries.

Additionally, they have helped us to test the flavour and quality of our Fitmin foods. We always take great care with the recipes we offer our dogs, studying the general benefits that they offer step by step, as well as the state of their fur and their physical and mental condition. The excellent condition of each one of the dogs that have passed through this initiative is the best reference that Fitmin products could have.

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07 By Our Side

In the same way as we care for our employees and our surroundings, we like to commit to the wellbeing of our suppliers, collaborators and clients, who we also consider part of our family.

We work each day to establish lasting relationships with these communities, formed by mutual confidence and contribution of value. For this reason, our relationship with them is based on the 4Hs: humanity, humility, honesty and happiness.

With suppliers and collaborators, we work each day to apply a Code of Ethics which includes the provision of complete and transparent information on processes, as well as guaranteeing regulatory compliance. Finally, we are committed to the confidentiality of collaborations, creating contracts which offer security, trust and guarantees.

With clients, we are committed to transparent communication, and promote education to facilitate decision making. We also develop personalised products and services with a high social impact, adapted to each client’s own context.
Additionally, since we began, we have also collaborated with institutions with which we share common interests, thereby promoting the growth of the business, social and environmental structure around us. Some of these institutions are:

  • AECOC (Spanish Commercial Coding Association)
  • APROMAR (Spanish Business Association for Aquaculture)
  • VITARTIS (Castile and León Business Group for Agrifood Innovation and Biotechnology)
  • EFCYL (Family Businesses of Castile and León)
  • F.E.S. (Business Federation of Segovia)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Segovia
  • Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria
  • AEDIPE Cantabria
  • CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria
  • ACEFAM (Family Businesses of Cantabria)
  • SERCOBE (National Association of Capital Goods Manufacturers)
  • APD (Association for the Progress of Management)
  • ANFAAC (Spanish Association of Pet Food Manufacturers)
  • IFFO (The Marine Ingredients Organisation)
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