Business Units
Present in over 65 countries and with headquarters in Fuentepelayo (Segovia, Spain), Santander (Cantabria, Spain) and Helvicovice (Žamberk, Czech Republic), Grupo Tejedor Lázaro is made up of five main business units belonging to two groups: Derwent Group and Dibaq Group.

Derwent Group offers its clients a large Team of specialised professionals and a wide range of services such as: design and development of engineering projects for marine farms and animal food factories, raw materials trading services, and manufacture and internationalisation of animal nutrition products. Offering our technology and know-how to any project, we offer a 360º service, as well as personalised assistance and products.

Notable among the pillars of our business is transparency towards our Team and our clients, committing to give our best and offer an effective, professional service in an honest way. Our commitment to trust and clarity in everything we do, as well as over 30 years of experience, allow us to work each day on the improvement of our services, the optimisation of costs, and the ongoing search for quality and excellence.

Dibaq Group seeks to produce foods which make animals happy, and undertakes continuous research to improve their diets based on their needs. Created under the control of expert nutritionists, our completely healthy recipes are cooked with top quality sustainable raw materials, and seek to respond to the special needs of each animal based on their species, breed, size and stage of life.

To create the most complete diets, we use the most innovative technology and processes of the nutrition sector. We are pioneers in extrusion, coextrusion and micronisation, using the most advanced machinery on the market such as latest generation extruders, grinders, meat lines and dryers.

Additionally, we rely on our traceability process, which helps to control production from start to finish and to ensure the proper function of all stages of manufacturing.

With factories in Spain and the Czech Republic, we adapt to the needs of each client; therefore, our 360º products and services are present on 5 continents.