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#RetoGaiato continues this autumn

We’re very excited to continue our most humanitarian project: #RetoGaiato. And we have lots of good news to share and celebrate with you.

First, the media continues to spread the word about our initiative. The latest example? MARCA, one of Spain’s leading sports newspapers, featured an incredible article about our latest challengers, Jorge García and Jesús González. Both participated in the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, a highly demanding competition that spanned three countries and 172 kilometers. This great feat was achieved through lots of hard work and determination! You can read about their adventures here.

Thanks to them and the rest of our challengers, we have already raised more than 5,000 euros in donations to improve the living conditions and the future of orphaned children in Mozambique! We are very pleased to have achieved so much… We would like to thank all the challengers for their efforts and the donors for their solidarity and support. Without you, this would not have been possible!

The next chapter of #RetoGaiato? On December 1, we have another challenge on our calendar: Manuel Vicente Ortega will participate in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon with the intention of collecting more donations. Can you help us? Visit the project website, support Manuel and help children with your donation!